Xavier Giró

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Associate Professor xavier.giro@upc.edu
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D5-117 (Barcelona - Campus Nord)
TR2-102 (Terrassa - ESEIAAT)
+34 934 015 769




Xavier Giro-i-Nieto is an associate professor at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona, as member of the Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center (IDEAI-UPC) and Image Processing Group (GPI), and also a visiting researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). He graduated in Telecommuncations Engineering at ETSETB (UPC) in 2000, after completing his master thesis on image compression at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels (VUB) with Prof. Peter Schelkens. After working one year in Sony Brussels, he started a Phd on computer vision, supervised by Prof. Ferran Marqués. In parallel, he designed and taught courses at the ESEIAAT (video content delivery) and ETSETB (deep learning) schools at UPC, as well as the Master in Computer Vision of Barcelona (video analysis). He visited multiple times the Digital Video and MultiMedia laboratory directed by Prof. Shih-Fu Chang at Columbia University in New York between 2008-2014, with whom keeps collaborating. He also works closely with the Insight Center of Data Analytics at Dublin City University, as well as his industrial partners at VilynxMediapro, and Crisalix. He serves as associate editor at IEEE Transactions in Multimedia and reviews for top tier conferences in machine learning (NeurIPS, ICML), computer vision (CVPR, ECCV, ICCV) and multimedia (ACMMM, ICMR).




Latest News

Awards: Best paper award at the CVPR 2019 DeepVision WorkshopBest scanpath prediction in Salient360 ICME Challenge 2017, Best poster award at LSCVS NIPS workshop 2016, Best poster award at ICMR 2016, Among Top 10% papers in ICIP 2015, Winner of the LSUN Saliency prediction challenge in CVPRW 2015, 2nd place in ChaLearn Cultural Event Recognition Challenge in CVPRW 2015, 2nd place in MediaEval Social Event Detection 2014, 3rd place in MediaEval Social Event Detection 2013, Winner of the Videobrowser Showdown in MMM 2012.

Scientific IDs:  Google ScholarWoK Researcher ID: M-5834-2013, ORCID: 0000-0002-9935-5332, Scopus Author ID35098596700, UPC Futur 

Selected Service: Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (2017-2020),  Area Chair of  ACM Multimedia (202020192016), Doctoral Symposium Chair in ICMR 2020, Organizer of Lifelogging Tools and Applications (LTA) workshop at ACM Multimedia 2016 & 2017.

Conference Committees: NeurIPS (20192018, 2017), ICLR (20182017), ICML (202020192018), CVPR (2020, 2019), ICCV (20192017), ACM ICMR (2020, 2019, 20182017), ACM Multimedia (201920182017, 2016, 2014), ICIP (2014, 2003), EUSIPCO 2011.

Workshop Committees: ICLR CV4GC 2020, MUSA 2017@ACMMMVSM 2016@ECCV & 2017@ICCVEPIC 2016@ECCV & 2017@ICCVISM 2016, CBMI (20162015,2014), CrowdMM 2015, MMSys 2015 Dataset TrackSMAP 2015MediaEval 2014SMAP 2014SEWM 2014, MMSys Dataset 2014, SMAP 2013, ICIP 2003.

Journal reviewer: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI)Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP), EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, Multimedia Systems (MMSJ), Image and Vision Computing (IMAVIS).

Book Chapters and Bookstop

V. Campos, Giró-i-Nieto, X., Jou, B., Torres, J., and Chang, S. - F., Sentiment concept embedding for visual affect recognition, in Multimodal Behavior Analysis in theWild, 1st ed., Elsevier, 2018.
E. Mohedano, Salvador, A., McGuinness, K., Giró-i-Nieto, X., O'Connor, N., and Marqués, F., Object Retrieval with Deep Convolutional Features, in Deep Learning for Image Processing Applications, vol. 31, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: IOS Press, 2017.
M. Bellver, Giró-i-Nieto, X., Marqués, F., and Torres, J., Hierarchical Object Detection with Deep Reinforcement Learning, in Deep Learning for Image Processing Applications, vol. 31, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: IOS Press, 2017.
C. Ventura, Martos, M., Giró-i-Nieto, X., Vilaplana, V., and Marqués, F., Hierarchical Navigation and Visual Search for Video Keyframe Retrieval, in Advances in Multimedia Modeling, vol. 7131, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2012, pp. 652-654.
E. Carcel, Martos, M., Giró-i-Nieto, X., and Marqués, F., Rich Internet Application for Semi-automatic Annotation of Semantic Shots on Keyframes, in Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding, vol. 7242, Pisa, Italy: Springer-Verlag, 2012, pp. 172-182. (6.93 MB)

Conference Papers top

V. Campos, Trott, A., Xiong, C., Socher, R., Giró-i-Nieto, X., and Torres, J., Explore, Discover and Learn: Unsupervised Discovery of State-Covering Skills, Submitted. (6.89 MB)
In Press
M. Caros, Garolera, M., Radeva, P., and Giró-i-Nieto, X., Automatic Reminiscence Therapy for Dementia, in ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR), Dublin, Ireland, In Press. (4.37 MB)
X. Giró-i-Nieto, One Perceptron to Rule Them All: Language, Vision, Audio and Speech (tutorial), in ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR) 2020, Dublin, Ireland, In Press. (313.96 KB)
E. Ramon, Escur, J., and Giró-i-Nieto, X., Multi-View 3D Face Reconstruction in the Wild using Siamese Networks, in ICCV 2019 Workshop on 3D Face Alignment in the Wild Challenge Workshop (3DFAW), Seoul, South Corea, 2019. (227.12 KB)
M. Górriz, Antony, J., McGuinness, K., Giró-i-Nieto, X., and O'Connor, N., Assessing Knee OA Severity with CNN attention-based end-to-end architectures, in International Conference on Medical Imaging with Deep Learning (MIDL) 2019, London, United Kingdom, 2019. (3.1 MB)

Research Areas top

Region-based image and video processing Internal Jan
Lifelogging Internal Feb
Affective Computing Internal Jan
Deep learning Internal Jun
Saliency prediction Internal Feb

Teaching top

Acronym Title Level College
BIOM Biometric Technologies Master in Telecommunications Engineering (MET) ETSETB - Telecom BCN
DLAI Deep Learning for Artificial Intelligence Master MET ETSETB TelecomBCN
DLCV Deep Learning for Computer Vision Master in Telecommunications Engineering (MET) ETSETB Telecom BCN
DLMM Deep Learning for Multimedia Master & PhD Dublin City University
DLSL Deep Learning for Speech and Language BSc, MSc & Phd ETSETB TelecomBCN
IDL Introduction to Deep Learning BSc ETSETB TelecomBCN
GDSA Multimedia Content Management and Delivery Degree in Audiovisual Systems (3rd year) Escola Superior d'Enginyeries Industrials, Aeroespacial i Audiovisual de Terrassa (ESEIAAT)
VA Video Analysis Master in Computer Vision (MCV) UAB, UOC, UPC & UPF