Image Processing Group (GPI)

The UPC Image and Video Processing Group (GPI) is a research group of the Signal Theory and Communications (TSC) department. Since April 2018, GPI is part of IDEAI, the Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center. GPI is located in the Barcelona Knowledge Campus, the first Campus of International Excellence in Spain, a joint initiative of UB and UPC universities.
You can also find us in futur, the Scientific Production Website of UPC.
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Welcome to our small window to the world!

PhD thesis defense: Luis Salgueiro (Oct 27th, 2022)

Luis Salgueiro picture Luis Salgueiro, defends his PhD thesis entitled
Super-resolution and semantic segmentation of remote sensing images using deep learning techniques
Thursday October 27th, 11:30h, Aula MERIT D5-010.

Talk by Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar

Mihaela van der Schaar

Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar, University of Cambridge
Panning for insight: Discovering governing equations from data using Machine Learning
Thursday October 27th, 10h, Aula de Graus C4-002, Campus Nord.
Also online: G.Meet code: ony-ofmr-vvn 

RideSafeUM pilot tests starting in Barcelona, Rome and Thessaloniki

Woman riding an e-scooter

GPI@IDEAI researchers have developed the Computer Vision module which is a central component of RideSafeUM, an EIT Urban Mobility project to encourage a safe and responsible micromobility.

The project solution is being tested in three cities in Europe. If you own a bicycle or e-scooter and live in Barcelona, you can be part of the RideSafeUM experiment. With your participation, you will help us validate the functionalities of RidesafeUM, and contribute to improve mobility in the city of Barcelona, making it safer for everyone.

PhD thesis defense: Amanda Duarte (Jun 27th, 2022)

Amanda Duarte picture Amanda Duarte, defends his PhD thesis entitled
Data and methods for a visual understanding of sign languages
Monday June 27th, 16h, Videoconference (*)
(*) UPC members may use this link.


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