Tarrés L, Gállego GI, Duarte A, Torres J, Giró-i-Nieto X. Sign Language Translation from Instructional Videos. In CVPR 2023 Women in Computer Vision Workshop. Vancouver, Canada: Computer Vision Foundation / IEEE; 2023.  (4.64 MB)


The advances in automatic sign language translation (SLT) to spoken languages have been mostly benchmarked with datasets of limited size and restricted domains. Our work advances the state of the art by providing the first baseline results on How2Sign, a large and broad dataset. We train a Transformer over I3D video features, using the reduced BLEU as a reference metric for validation, instead of the widely used BLEU score. We report a result of 8.03 on the BLEU score, and publish the first open-source implementation of its kind to promote further advances.