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Josep Ramon Morros Rubió received a degree in Physics from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), Barcelona, Spain, in 1989. He received the Ph.D. from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)in 2004.

In 1989 he made a short stay at the Research Institute for Technical Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in the Division of Semiconductor Microwave Devices, in Budapest, Hungary.

From 1989 to 1990 he worked at Mediterrània d'Enginyeria as a programmer and computer network administrator. From 1991 to 1993 he worked at Instrumentación Electrónica PROMAX, as responsable of the technical documentation department.

From October 1994 to February 1997 he was teaching telecommunications at the UPC. In February 1997, he joined the Escola Universitària Politècnica de Mataró EUPMT, Mataró, Spain, where he teached electronics and computer science until June 2001. He also gave courses on PC Hardware at SC2 Formació during several years.

In 2003 he joined the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya where he is currently Associate Professor. He is lecturing in the areas of communications, signal processing, digital image processing and computer vision. His current research interests include image and sequence coding, segmentation problems and video sequence analysiss, with application in fields like urban mobility or agriculture.

Since 1994 he has been involved in various European Projects (MAVT, MoMuSys, SIMILAR, CHIL, FascinatE ...) as a researcher from the Image and Video Processing Group at the UPC. 


ORCID iD,     Researcher ID: F-8227-2013,     Scopus Author ID: 35587745500

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J. Gené-Mola, Felip-Pomés, M., Net-Barnés, F., Morros, J. R., Miranda, J. C., J. Satorra, A., L. Jones, A., J. Sanahuja, L., Ruiz-Hidalgo, J., and Gregorio, E., Video-Based Fruit Detection and Tracking for Apple Counting and Mapping, in IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry (MetroAgriFor), 2023. (680.49 KB)
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M. López-Palma, Morros, J. R., Corbalán, M., and Gago, J., Audience measurement using a top-view camera and oriented trajectories, in IEEE IECON 2019, Lisbon, Portugal, 2019. (523.13 KB)

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Deep learning Internal Jun
Multiview Coding Internal Jul

Teaching top

Acronym Title Level College
PAE Advanced Project in Science and Telecommunication Technologies (CDIO) 3rd year Telecom BCN - ETSETB
ASPTA Advanced Signal Processing: Tools and Applications Master in Telecommunications Engineering (MET) ETSETB - Telecom BCN
CM Codificació Multimèdia Degree in AudioVisual Systems ESEIAAT
VC Computer Vision Degree in Engineering of Audiovisual Systems ESEIAAT
ICV Introduction to Computer Vision Master in Telecommunications Engineering (MET) ETSETB - Telecom BCN
IDL Introduction to Deep Learning BSc ETSETB TelecomBCN
IHCV M1. Introduction to Humand and Computer Vision Master in Computer Vision (MCV) UAB, UOC, UPC & UPF
APA Programming Audio-Visual Algorithms Degree in Engineering of Audiovisual Systems ESEIAAT
VA Video Analysis Master in Computer Vision (MCV) UAB, UOC, UPC & UPF