Conference Papers by David Varasback

D. Fernàndez, Varas, D., Bou, E., and Giró-i-Nieto, X., What is going on in the world? A display platform for media understanding, in IEEE Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval (MIPR) Conference, Miami, FL (USA), 2018. (700.85 KB)
D. Fernàndez, Varas, D., Espadaler, J., Ferreira, J., Woodward, A., Rodríguez, D., Giró-i-Nieto, X., Riveiro, J. Carlos, and Bou, E., ViTS: Video Tagging System from Massive Web Multimedia Collections, in ICCV 2017 Workshop on Web-scale Vision and Social Media , Venice, Italy, 2017. (1.18 MB)
D. Varas, Alfaro, M., and Marqués, F., Multiresolution hierarchy co-clustering for semantic segmentation in sequences with small variations, in ICCV - International Conference on Computer Vision, 2015.
M. India, Varas, D., Vilaplana, V., Morros, J. R., and Hernando, J., UPC System for the 2015 MediaEval Multimodal Person Discovery in Broadcast TV task, in MediaEval 2015 Workshop, Wurzen, Germany, 2015. (163.11 KB)
D. Varas and Marqués, F., Region-based Particle Filter for Video Object Segmentation, in CVPR - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Ohio, 2014. (1.78 MB)
P. A. Martínez, Varas, D., Castelán, M., Camacho, M., Marqués, F., and Arechavaleta, G., 3D Shape Reconstruction from a Humanoid Generated Video Sequence, in IEEE International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Madrid, 2014. (4.61 MB)
D. Varas and Marqués, F., A Region-Based Particle Filter for Generic Object Tracking and Segmentation, in ICIP - International Conference on Image Processing, Orlando, 2012.
V. Vilaplana and Varas, D., Face tracking using a region-based mean-shift algorithm with adaptive object and background models, in Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services, 2009, pp. 9–12.