Oscar Pina

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PhD Candidate oscar.pina@upc.edu
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O. Pina and Vilaplana, V., Layer-wise self-supervised learning on graphs, in KDD 2023 Workshop on Deep Learning on Graphs: Methods and Applications (DLG-KDD 2023), Long Beach, USA, 2023.
O. Pina, Cumplido-Mayoral, I., Cacciaglia, R., González-de-Echávarri, J. María, Gispert, J. D., and Vilaplana, V., Structural Networks for Brain Age Prediction, in Medical Imaging with Deep Learning (MIDL 2022), 2022.
O. Pina and Vilaplana, V., Self-supervised graph representations of WSIs, in Geometric Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis, 2022.