Buscamedia - Hacia una adaptación semántica de medios digitales multi-red multi-terminal

Type Start End
National Jan 2010 Dec 2012
Responsible URL
Verónica Vilaplana cenitbuscamedia.es


Buscamedia will deliver a unique semantic search engine, by leveraging a variety of innovation aspects from the state of the art.

Buscamedia's semantic search engine targets multimedia contents (text, images, audio and video), based on:

  1. Advanced annotation system with heterogeneous fusion of annotations
  2. M3 Ontology: multilingual, multidomain and multimedia
  3. Natural language

Adaptation of the multimedia/multi-format search engine to context and preferences by:

  1. Research and development of technologies for the automatic generation of M3 contents
  2. Personalization and contextualization techniques
  3. Techniques for the delivery of information and presentation with content adaptation
  4. User exchange with converging "internetworking"