GPI in high gear towards the end of 2013

Four new journal papers published by GPI members since the last productivity update. The yearly total of 10 journals, 1 book chapter and 15 conferences in 2013 sits already well above previous years' results. Yet we have two months until the end of 2013 to top up...

It has been six months since the last Image Processing Group productivity update on the 5th of May, but it was worth waiting for. Since May, GPI members have published 4 new journal papers:

11 conference papers:

and defended 1 PhD dissertation:

Additionally, contributions to the FascinatE project final demo, software (Simulator of Clicks and Object Segmentation for Ask'n'Seek), and results (Object Maps on Movie Trailers, Automatic Keyframe Selection over TVC database, User traces and additional simulated results from Ask'n'Seek) round up the intense activity in the past months.

Last but not least, GPI-Pixable team has just ranked 3rd in MediaEval Social Event Detection Task.