Conference Papers by Elisa Sayrolback

In Press
A. Isart, Espasa, M., Vilaplana, V., and Sayrol, E., CNN-based bacilli detection in sputum samples for tuberculosis diagnosis, in International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2019), In Press.
M. Górriz, Aparicio, A., Raventós, B., López-Codina, D., Vilaplana, V., and Sayrol, E., Leishmaniasis Parasite Segmentation and Classification Using Deep Learning, in International Conference on Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects, Palma, Spain, 2018.
M. India, Sagastiberri, I., Palau, P., Sayrol, E., Morros, J. R., and Hernando, J., UPC Multimodal Speaker Diarization System for the 2018 Albayzin Challenge, in IberSpeech 2018, Barcelona, 2018. (379.14 KB)
J. Pan, Canton-Ferrer, C., McGuinness, K., O'Connor, N., Torres, J., Sayrol, E., and Giró-i-Nieto, X., SalGAN: Visual Saliency Prediction with Generative Adversarial Networks, in CVPR 2017 Scene Understanding Workshop (SUNw), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 2017. (1.85 MB)
J. Pan, McGuinness, K., Sayrol, E., O'Connor, N., and Giró-i-Nieto, X., Shallow and Deep Convolutional Networks for Saliency Prediction, in IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 2016. (466.13 KB)
M. India, Martí, G., Cotillas, C., Bouritsas, G., Sayrol, E., Morros, J. R., and Hernando, J., UPC System for the 2016 MediaEval Multimodal Person Discovery in Broadcast TV task, in MediaEval 2016 Workshop, Hilversum, The Netherlands, 2016. (174.87 KB)
A. Casamitjana, Puch, S., Aduriz, A., Sayrol, E., and Vilaplana, V., 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Brain Tumor Segmentation, in MICCAI 2016 - Brain Lesion Workshop (BrainLes), Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation Challenge (BRATS), 2016. (226.04 KB)
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R. Bragos, Pegueroles, J., Alarcón, E., Camps, A., Sardà, J., Consolacion, C., Mussons, J., Pons, O., Oliveras, A., García, M., Onrubia, R., and Sayrol, E., Implementation and first results of the Introduction to Engineering course in the ETSETB-UPC new degrees, in II Conferencia Internacional en Fomento e Innovación con Nuevas Tecnologías en la Docencia de la Ingeniería, 2011, pp. 1–4.
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