Abad A, Canton-Ferrer C, Segura C, Landabaso J-L, Macho D, Casas J, et al.. UPC Audio, Video and Multimodal Person Tracking Systems in the CLEAR Evaluation Campaign. In Lecture notes in computer science. Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer; 2007. pp. 93–104.


Reliable measures of person positions are needed for computational perception of human activities taking place in a smart-room environment. In this work, we present the Person Tracking systems developed at UPC for audio, video and audio-video modalities in the context of the EU funded CHIL project research activities. The aim of the designed systems, and particularly of the new contributions proposed, is to deal robustly in both single and multiperson localization tasks independently on the environmental conditions. Besides the technology description, experimental results conducted for the CLEAR evaluation workshop are also reported.