Linardos P, Mohedano E, Chertó M, Gurrin C, Giró-i-Nieto X. Temporal Saliency Adaptation in Egocentric Videos. In ECCV 2018 Workshop on Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing. Munich, Germany: Extended abstract; 2018.  (279.32 KB)


    This work adapts a deep neural model for image saliency prediction to the temporal domain of egocentric video. We compute the saliency map for each video frame, firstly with an off-the-shelf model trained from static images, secondly by adding a a convolutional or conv-LSTM layers trained with a dataset for video saliency prediction. We study each configuration on EgoMon, a new dataset made of seven egocentric videos recorded by three subjects in both free-viewing and task-driven set ups. Our results indicate that the temporal adaptation is beneficial when the viewer is not moving and observing the scene from a narrow field of view. Encouraged by this observation, we compute and publish the saliency maps for the EPIC Kitchens dataset, in which viewers are cooking.