Lidon A, Bolaños M, Dimiccoli M, Radeva P, Garolera M, Giró-i-Nieto X. Semantic Summarization of Egocentric Photo Stream Events. In ACM Multimedia 2017 Workshop on Lifelogging Tools and Applications. Mountain View, CA, USA: ACM; 2017.  (3.08 MB)


With the rapid increase of users of wearable cameras in recent years and of the amount of data they produce, there is a strong need for automatic retrieval and summarization techniques. This work addresses the problem of automatically summarizing egocentric photo streams captured through a wearable camera by taking an image retrieval perspective. After removing non-informative images by a new CNN-based filter,  images are ranked by relevance to ensure semantic diversity and  finally re-ranked by a novelty criterion to reduce redundancy.  To assess the results, a new evaluation metric is proposed which takes into account the non-uniqueness of the solution. Experimental results applied on a database of 7,110 images from 6 different subjects and evaluated by experts gave 95.74% of experts satisfaction and a Mean Opinion Score of 4.57 out of 5.0.