Canton-Ferrer C, Salvador J, Casas J, Pardàs M. Multi-Person Tracking Strategies Based on Voxel Analysis. In Multimodal Technologies for Perception of Humans. Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer; 2008. pp. 91–103.


This paper presents two approaches to the problem of simultaneous tracking of several people in low resolution sequences from multiple calibrated cameras. Spatial redundancy is exploited to generate a discrete 3D binary representation of the foreground objects in the scene. Color information obtained from a zenithal camera view is added to this 3D information. The first tracking approach implements heuristic association rules between blobs labelled according to spatiotemporal connectivity criteria. Association rules are based on a cost function which considers their placement and color histogram. In the second approach, a particle filtering scheme adapted to the incoming 3D discrete data is proposed. A volume likelihood function and a discrete 3D re-sampling procedure are introduced to evaluate and drive particles. Multiple targets are tracked by means of multiple particle filters and interaction among them is modeled through a 3D blocking scheme. Evaluation over the CLEAR 2007 database yields quantitative results assessing the performance of the proposed algorithm for indoor scenarios.