This thesis consists on developing an interactive lifelog search engine for the LSC 2018 search challenge at ACM ICMR 2018. This search engine is created in order to browse for images from a given lifelog dataset and display them along with some written information related to them and four other images providing contextualization about the searched one.

First of all, the work makes an introduction to the relevance of this project. It introduces the reader to the main social problems affronted and the aim of our project to deal with them. Thus, go ahead with the scope of the project introducing to the main objectives fixed. Also, the work is gone by the actual state of the same kind of prototypes that already exist to let the reader see the differences that our project presents.

After the project approach is done, it begins a travel trough the methodology and creation process, going deep in the main aspects and the explanation of every election and decision, also remarking the limits of the current prototype.

Additionally, the project concludes with a result section where the system is tested with six users. They are asked to find three specific images using the search engine. This test is divided in two sections: first, a qualitative section where the user is asked to test the system and fill out a survey to see how comfortable it is for him. And a second section, more quantitative, where they value the speed of our system.

Finally, the project concludes going through the actual and future ethics of lifelogging in general and with a final conclusion further investigation and future improvement.