Carlier A, Salvador A, Giró-i-Nieto X, Marques O, Charvillat V. Click’n’Cut: Crowdsourced Interactive Segmentation with Object Candidates. In 3rd International ACM Workshop on Crowdsourcing for Multimedia (CrowdMM). Orlando, Florida (USA); 2014.  (1017.73 KB)


This paper introduces Click’n’Cut, a novel web tool for interactive object segmentation addressed to crowdsourcing tasks. Click’n’Cut combines bounding boxes and clicks generated by workers to obtain accurate object segmentations. These segmentations are created by combining precomputed object candidates in a light computational fashion that allows an immediate response from the interface. Click’n’Cut has been tested with a crowdsourcing campaign to annotate a subset of the Berkeley Segmentation Dataset (BSDS). Results show competitive results with state of the art, especially in time to converge to a high quality segmentation. The data collection campaign included golden standard tests to detect cheaters.

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