Reyes C, Mohedano E, McGuinness K, O'Connor NE, Giró-i-Nieto X. Where is my Phone? Personal Object Retrieval from Egocentric Images. In Lifelogging Tools and Applications Workshop in ACM Multimedia. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: ACM; 2016.  (1.43 MB)


This work presents a retrieval pipeline and evaluation scheme for the problem of finding the last appearance of personal objects in a large dataset of images captured from a wearable camera. Each personal object is modelled by a small set of images that define a query for a visual search engine.The retrieved results are reranked considering the temporal timestamps of the images to increase the relevance of the later detections. Finally, a temporal interleaving of the results is introduced for robustness against false detections. The Mean Reciprocal Rank is proposed as a metric to evaluate this problem. This application could help into developing personal assistants capable of helping users when they do not remember where they left their personal belongings.