In this paper we present SurvLIMEpy, an open-source Python package that implements the SurvLIME algorithm. This method allows to compute local feature importance for machine learning algorithms designed for modelling Survival Analysis data. Our implementation takes advantage of the parallelisation paradigm as all computations are performed in a matrix-wise fashion which speeds up execution time. Additionally, SurvLIMEpy assists the user with visualization tools to better understand the result of the algorithm. The package supports a wide variety of survival models, from the Cox Proportional Hazards Model to deep learning models such as DeepHit or DeepSurv. Two types of experiments are presented in this paper. First, by means of simulated data, we study the ability of the algorithm to capture the importance of the features. Second, we use three open source survival datasets together with a set of survival algorithms in order to demonstrate how SurvLIMEpy behaves when applied to different models.