Manchon-Vizuete D, Gris-Sarabia I, Giró-i-Nieto X. Photo Clustering of Social Events by Extending PhotoTOC to a Rich Context. In ICMR 2014 Workshop on Social Events in Web Multimedia (SEWM). Glasgow, Scotland: ACM; 2014.  (1.66 MB)


The popularisation of the storage of photos on the cloud has opened new opportunities and challenges for the organisation and extension of photo collections. This paper presents a light computational solution for the clustering of web photos based on social events. The proposal combines a first over-segmentation of the photo collections of each user based on temporal cues, as previously proposed in PhotoTOC. On a second stage, the resulting mini-clusters are merged based on contextual metadata such as geolocation, keywords and user IDs. Results indicate that, although temporal cues are very relevant for event clustering, robust solutions should also consider all these additional features.

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