Fernàndez D, Bou-Balust E, Giró-i-Nieto X. Linking Media: adopting Semantic Technologies for multimodal media connection. In International Semantic Web Conference - ISWC (Industry Track). Monterey, CA, USA; 2018.  (265.23 KB)


Today's media and news organizations are constantly generating large amounts of multimedia content, majorly delivered online. As the online media market grows, the management and delivery of contents is becoming a challenge. Computational approaches can help to overcome this challenge by governing different applications such as content creation, production, search, and its promotion and distribution to different audiences. In this abstract we present a success story of the adoption of semantic technologies on the aforementioned applications, which  are built on top of a semantic tagging framework, based on a Knowledge Graph (KG). The presented pipeline combines multimodal inputs into a contextual entity linking module, which indexes documents and links them to trends and stories developing on the news.  We will describe how documents are linked and provided to media producers through Vilynx's platform, which is currently indexing over 20k media documents a day.