Morros JR, Salah AAli, Schouten B, Perales CSegura, Serrano JLuque, Ambekar O, et al.. Event recognition for meaningful Human-Computer interaction in smart environments. In Proceedings of the eNTERFACE’07 Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces. 2007.  (1009.14 KB)


The aim of this project is to monitor a room for the purposes of analysing the interactions and identities of a small set of individ- uals. We work with multiple uncalibrated sensors that observe a single environment and generate multimodal data streams. These streams are processed with the help of a generic client-server middleware called SmartFlow. Modules for visual motion de- tection, visual face tracking, visual face identification, visual op- portunistic sensing, audio-based localization, and audio-based identification are implemented and integrated under SmartFlow to work in coordination across different platforms.