Giró-i-Nieto X, Marqués F, Casas J. The edition of the Wikipedia as an academic activity. In 4rt. Congrés Internacional de Docència Unversitària i Innovació. Barcelona, Catalonia; 2006. p. –.


This paper presents a learning activity around the Wikipedia, a free online encyclopaedia written by its users. Students are asked to write and review entries related to the course topics following a collaborative environment provided by the wiki tools. This paper proposes a seventeensteps methodology for this task in the framework of an academic course organized by topics. The activity has been successfully introduced in a two different schools of the Technical University of Catalonia. In its first edition, 81 new articles were added by 64 students from the EUETIT, in the second experience 60 articles were created and 14 reviewed by 43 students from the ETSETB.

[CIDUI 2006 website]