Waibel A, Stiefelhagen R, Carlson R, Casas J, Kleindienst J, Lamel L, et al.. Computers in the Human Interaction Loop. In Handbook on Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (AISE). Boston, MA: Springer; 2010. pp. 1071–1116.


It is a common experience in our modern world, for us humans to be overwhelmed by the complexities of technological artifacts around us, and by the attention they demand. While technology provides wonderful support and helpful assistance, it also causes an increased preoccupation with technology itself and a related fragmentation of attention. But as humans, we would rather attend to a meaningful dialog and interaction with other humans, than to control the operations of machines that serve us. The cause for such complexity and distraction, however, is a natural consequence of the flexibility and choice of functions and features that technology has to offer. Thus flexibility of choice and the availability of desirable functions are in conflict with ease of use and our very ability to enjoy their benefits.