Giró-i-Nieto X. BitSearch, the blog before the thesis. In VI International Congress of University Teaching and Innovation. Barcelona, Catalonia; 2010.


This paper presents BitSearch, a web blog written by a team of thesis students where they share the evolution of their work. The blog is aimed at improving the communication not only between the advisor and the students, but also at motivating the student through the public exposure of the research   development.   Basic   wrting   guidelines   are   provided   by   the   professor   in   order   to guarantee the quality of the posts and provide good metadata for their retrieval, both by author or by a generic text query from a search engine. After one year online, BitSearch has published 176 posts written by 19 students, in addition to the professor's own contributions. Statistics show more than 7,000  accesses their pages from visitors from more than 100 countries all over the globe. The blog tool has helped in improving the guidance on the students activity, developing a sense  of  team  work  among   authors  as  well  as   a more   progressive  preparation   of the  final dissertation.

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