GPI joins IDEAI! (April 2018)

April 11, 2018, GPI joins IDEAI, the new Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center (IDEAI-UPC)

IDEAI header image

IDEAI, with over 50 permanent, researchers focusses on AI and data analysis in different fields, aiming to foster the research and technology transfer.

  • Knowledge Engineering (CREG lead Cecilio Angulo): qualitative reasoning, automatic learning and multicriteria decision systems
  • Machine Learning (KEMLG lead Ulises Cortés): knowledge representation, ontologies, semantic Web and Web services; software agents, electronic institutions and multi-agent systems; decision support systems; Machine Learning/Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining; Bayesian networks; case-based reasoning; knowledge-based systems; knowledge acquisition and knowledge discovery from structural analysis; simulation and analytical models.
  • Soft Computing (SOCO lead Àngela Nebot): Supervised Neural Networks, Unsupervised Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Algorithms and Evolutive Strategies, Support Vector Machines, Feature Selection and Extraction, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, Data and Knowledge Visualization
  • Natural Language Processing (GPLN/TALP lead Lluís Padró): Analysis and desambiguousness (morphology, syntaxes, semantics), Natural language automatic and learning, Automatic Translation, Automatic summaries,Information extraction, Knowledge representation, Lexico-semantic knowledge acquiring, Semi-automatic ontology building, text analysis at all levels (with particular emphasis on semantics)
  • Speech Processing (VEU lead Javier Hernando): Speech Analysis-Recognition-Synthesis-Coding-Enhancement, Speaker and Language Recognition, Dialogue Systems, Statistical Machine Translation

We hope the best from this join effort in collaboration for IA, with so many colleagues from the Signal Theory and Computer Science departments. Barcelona might be called the "Smart City" of Europe, and this may be a step to contribute to it. We will make our best for this dream to come true.

Congratulations GPI!