Torres L, Casas J, Arias E. Stochastic vector quantization of images. Signal Processing. 1997;62(3):291–301.


One of the most important steps in the vector quantization of images is the design of the codebook. The codebook is generally designed using the LBG algorithm, that is in essence a clustering algorithm which uses a large training set of empirical data that is statistically representative of the image to be quantized. The LBG algorithm, although quite effective for practical applications, is computationally very expensive and the resulting codebook has to be recalculated each time the type of image to be encoded changes. One alternative to the generation of the codebook, called stochastic vector quantization, is presented in this paper. Stochastic vector quantization (SVQ) is based on the generation of the codebook according to some previous model defined for the image to be encoded. The well-known AR model has been used to model the image in the current implementations of the technique, and has shown good performance in the overall scheme. To show the merit of the technique in different contexts, stochastic vector quantization is discussed and applied to both pixel-based and segmentation-based image coding schemes.