Salembier P, Foucher S. Optimum Graph-Cuts for Pruning Binary Partition Trees of Polarimetric SAR images. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. 2016;54(9):5493 – 5502.  (3.42 MB)


This paper investigates several optimum graph-cuts techniques for pruning Binary Partition Trees (BPTs) and their usefulness for low-level processing of Polarimetric SAR (PolSAR) images. BPTs group pixels to form homogeneous regions, which are hierarchically structured by inclusion in a binary tree. They provide multiple resolutions of description and easy access to subsets of regions. Once constructed, BPTs can be used for a large number of applications. Many of these applications consist in populating the tree with a specific feature and in applying a graph-cut called pruning to extract a partition of the space. In this paper, different pruning examples involving the optimization of a global criterion are discussed and analyzed in the context of PolSAR images for segmentation. Through objective evaluation of the resulting partitions by means of Precision and Recall for boundaries curves, the best pruning technique is identified and the influence of the tree construction on the performances is assessed.