The possibilities of panoramic video are based on the capabilities of high-resolution digital video streams and higher band- width’s opportunities to broadcast, stream and transfer large content across platforms. With these opportunities also come challenges such as how to focus on sub-parts of the video stream and interact with the content shown on a large screen. In this paper, we present studies of two different interaction modes with a large-scale panoramic video for live experiences; we focus on interactional challenges and explore if it is (1) possible to develop new interactional methods/ways of approaching this type of high-resolution content and (2) feasible for users to interact with the content in these new ways. We developed prototypes for two different interaction modes: an individual system on a mobile device, either a tablet or a mobile phone, for interacting with the content on the same and a non-touch gesture-based system for the home or small group interaction. We present pilot studies where we explore the possibilities and challenges with these two interaction modes for panoramic content.


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