Ruiz-Hidalgo J, Morros JR, Aflaki P, Calderero F, Marqués F. Multiview depth coding based on combined color/depth segmentation. Journal of visual communication and image representation. 2012;23(1):42–52.  (1.81 MB)


In this paper a new coding method for multiview depth video is presented. Considering the smooth structure and sharp edges of depth maps, a segmentation based approach is proposed. This allows further preserving the depth contours thus introducing fewer artifacts in the depth perception of the video. To reduce the cost associated with partition coding, an estimation of the depth partition is built using the decoded color view segmentation. This estimation is refined by sending some complementary information about the relevant differences between color and depth partitions. For coding the depth content of each region, a decomposition into orthogonal basis is used in this paper although similar decompositions may be also employed. Experimental results show that the proposed segmentation based depth coding method outperforms H.264/AVC and H.264/MVC by more than 2dB at similar bitrates.