Casas J, Esteban P, Moreno A, Carrera M. Morphological scheme for morphometric analysis of epidermal biopsy images. In: Serra J, Soille P. Mathematical Morphology and its Applications to Image Processing. Dordrecht: Springer; 1994. pp. 325–331.


This paper addresses the problem of morphometric analysis of microscope images from cutaneous biopsy samples. A morphological scheme is applied for the automatic measurement of histologic parameters of the epidermis. It consists in an unsupervised segmentation approach that is strongly based on an 'a priori' model of the images. The watershed algorithm has proven to be a very powerful tool for the introduction of such 'a priori' information, because the segmentation process can be conveniently guided by some strategic markers in order to perform the detection of the desired structures. This permits an automatic measurement of some objective parameters which are highly correlated with the evolution of some skin diseases.