Sanchez-Riera J, Salvador J, Casas J. Indoor PTZ camera calibration with concurrent PT axes. In Fourth International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications. 2009. pp. 45–50.


The introduction of active (pan-tilt-zoom or PTZ) cameras in Smart Rooms in addition to fixed static cameras allows to improve resolution in volumetric reconstruction, adding the capability to track smaller objects with higher precision in actual 3D world coordinates. To accomplish this goal, precise camera calibration data should be available for any pan, tilt, and zoom settings of each PTZ camera. The PTZ calibration method proposed in this paper introduces a novel solution to the problem of computing extrinsic and intrinsic parameters for active cameras. We first determine the rotation center of the camera expressed under an arbitrary world coordinate origin. Then, we obtain an equation relating any rotation of the camera with the movement of the principal point to define extrinsic parameters for any value of pan and tilt. Once this position is determined, we compute how intrinsic parameters change as a function of zoom. We validate our method by evaluating the re-projection error and its stability for points inside and outside the calibration set.