The purpose of this project is to analyze and evaluate football image viewpoint classification algorithms and to implement, if it is possible, a set of upgrades to improve the results of this classification. In particular, the analysis of a publication of the State of the Art and its subsequent comparison to an algorithm created by the Image Processing Group (GPI) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia is formulated. Sometimes, during the analysis process of sporting events is interesting to automate the extraction of semantic content. In this context, the algorithms compared in this project are football image viewpoint classification algorithms. To carry through the classification, these algorithms use different descriptors calculated on the images. This project originates from the need to compare the image processing group algorithm to present techniques, in order to assess the obtained results and have a better understanding of the current State of the Art. Thus, the State of the Art algorithm will be implemented, analyzed and improved if possible. Then, it will be compared to the one created by the image processing group using an extensive database previously selected. Finally, the results will be presented and analyzed.