Gloria Haro

Contributions while at GPI

Conference Papers

G. Haro and Pardàs, M., 3D shape from multi-camera views by error projection minimization, in 10th Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services, 2010, pp. 250–253.
J. Gallego, Pardàs, M., and Haro, G., Bayesian foreground segmentation and tracking using pixel-wise background model and region-based foreground model, in 16th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2009, pp. 3205–3208.
G. Haro, Lenglet, C., Sapiro, G., and Thompson, P., On the non-uniform complexity of brain connectivity, in 5th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2008), Paris, 2008. (2.2 MB)
G. Haro, Randall, G., and Sapiro, G., Stratification Learning: Detecting Mixed Density and Dimensionality in High Dimensional Point Clouds, in Neural Information Processing Systems NIPS, Montreal, 2007. (702.08 KB)