GPI Seminar Series: Xavier Suau and Adolfo López

Xavier Suau, Adolfo López, fezoo, Where may you go after your TFG/PFC/MSc/PhD with GPI?
Thursday April 30th, 12h, Seminars Room D5-007

Where may you go when you finish your TFG/PFC/MSc/PhD with GPI?


GPI works sometimes as a 'centrifuge'. Students and colleagues that spent some time with us, may now thrive in the most remote locations (or perhaps not so remote!).
Have you thought where to end up in your professional career? Google? Apple? Disney? Microsoft? Technicolor? USC? Columbia? EPFL? ETH? Barcelona Biomedical Research Park? Listening to the experience and success story of a real case may be enlightening...
Thursday, 30 d'abril, 12h in the Seminars Room (D5-007) Xavi Suau and Adolfo López will explain how to get where your heart asks to go... Don't miss it!

Adolfo López Méndez and Xavier Suau are co-founders of Fezoo Labs S.L., together with Marcel Alcoverro. The three of them finished their PhDs in GPI in the past 3 years, created the startup and introduced their gestoos SDK less than one year ago.