GPI Seminar Series: GPI @ MediaEval 2013

Xavier Giró and Daniel Manchon, UPC at the MediaEval Benchmark 2013
Friday November 8th, at 11:00, MERIT room D5-010

This seminar will report on the participation of the GPI team at the MediaEval Benchmark 2013. Our team participated in two tasks: the Hyperlinking task and the Social Event Detection task

PART I: UPC @MediaEval 2013 Hyperlinking task (report)
Team: Carles Ventura, Marcel Tella and Xavier Giro
 Abstract: This talk will present the contribution of the UPC team to the Hyperlinking sub-task of the Search and Hyperlinking Task in MediaEval 2013. Our contribution explores the potential of a solution based only on visual cues.
In particular, every automatically generated shot is represented by a keyframe. The linking between video segments is based on the visual similarity of the keyframes they contain. Visual similarity is assessed with the intersection of bag of features histograms generated with the SURF descriptor.


PART II: UPC @MediaEval 2013 Social Event Detection task (report)
Team: Daniel Manchon and Xavier Giro
Abstract: This talk will present the contribution of the UPC team to the Social Event Detection (SED) task in MediaEval 2013. The proposal extends the previous PhotoTOC work in the domain of shared collections of photographs stored in cloud services. An initial over-segmentation of the photo collection is later refined by merging pairs of similar clusters. This submission was ranked #3 out of the 11 participating teams.