GPI Seminar Series: Jordi Pont-Tuset

Jordi Pont-Tuset

Jordi Pont-Tuset, postdoc at CVL-ETH and PhD from GPI
Convolutional Oriented Boundaries: Perceptual Grouping beyond the BSDS
Monday July11th, 12h30, Room D3-004.

PhD thesis defense: Carles Ventura

Carles Ventura Carles Ventura, defends his PhD thesis entitled Visual Object Analysis using Regions and Local Features
Friday July 8th, 10h, Aula Merit, D5 building, D5-010

GPI Seminar Series: Amaia Salvador

Amaia Salvador

Amaia Salvador, Image Processing Group, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Convolutional Features for Instance Search (ICMR & CVPRW 2016)

Tuesday  May 3rd, 12h, Room D5-010

GPI Seminar Series: Hazim K. Ekenel

Hazim K. Ekenel

Hazim K. Ekenel, Computer Engineering Dept., Istanbul Technical University.
                              Facial Image Processing and Analysis group, KIT Karlsruhe

Facial Image Processing and Analysis @ SiMiT Lab
Monday February 15th, 15h, Room D5-010 (new schedule and room)


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