GPI Seminar Series: Cristian Canton (Dec.19, 2017)

Cristian Canton

Cristian Canton, Engineering Lead (ML for AR), Facebook, Personal page
Realtime person segmentation and identity preserving face hallucination
Tuesday December 19th, 11h, Seminars room D5-007

Deep Learning for AI Open Lecture: Cristian Canton and Amaia Salvador

Amaia Salvador

Amaia Salvador, Image Processing Group, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

Tuesday December 19th, 16h, Aula Master A3-Campus Nord UPC

Cristian Canton

Cristian Canton, GPI former member, scientist at Facebook Research
Machine Learning at Facebook scale: challenges and examples
Tuesday December 19th, 16h30, Aula Master A3-Campus Nord UPC

GPI Seminar Series: Yannis Kalantidis

Yannis Kalantidis

Yannis Kalantidis, researcher at Facebook Menlo Park.
Informal overview about my latest research
Monday November 20th, 2017: 15h30, Room D5-007

PhD thesis defense: Marc Maceira

  Marc Maceira, defends his PhD thesis entitled Multi-view depth coding based on a region representation combining color and depth information
Tuesday June 21st, 11h30, Aula 002, C4 building, first floor

PhD thesis defense: Pau Bellot

Pau Bellot Pau Bellot, defends his PhD thesis entitled Study of Gene Regulatory Networks Inference Methods from Gene Expression Data
Monday May 8th, 10h30, Aula Telensenyament, B3 building, first floor


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