PhD thesis defense: Carles Ventura

Carles Ventura Carles Ventura, defends his PhD thesis entitled Visual Object Analysis using Regions and Local Features
Friday July 8th, 10h, Aula Merit, D5 building, D5-010

GPI Seminar Series: Amaia Salvador

Amaia Salvador

Amaia Salvador, Image Processing Group, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Convolutional Features for Instance Search (ICMR & CVPRW 2016)

Tuesday  May 3rd, 12h, Room D5-010

GPI Seminar Series: Hazim K. Ekenel

Hazim K. Ekenel

Hazim K. Ekenel, Computer Engineering Dept., Istanbul Technical University.
                              Facial Image Processing and Analysis group, KIT Karlsruhe

Facial Image Processing and Analysis @ SiMiT Lab
Monday February 15th, 15h, Room D5-010 (new schedule and room)

GPI Seminar Series: Albert Gil

Albert Gil, Remote Software Development and Computing.
Simple usage and hidden understanding of some of the most geek and powerful tools out there
Thursday February 4th, 10h, MERIT room D5-010


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