Saliency Maps on Image Hierarchies

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Results 2015-05-27


Saliency maps for salient object segmentation created using two models based on a hierarchical image segmentation, a tree-like structure that represents regions at different scales from the details to the whole image (e.g. gPb-UCM, BPT).

The first model (HP) is based on a hierarchy of image partitions. The saliency at each level is computed on a region basis, taking into account the contrast between regions. The maps obtained for the different partitions are then integrated into a final saliency map by hierarchical inference.

The second model (SOH) directly works on the structure created by the segmentation algorithm, computing saliency at each node and integrating these cues in a straightforward manner into a single saliency map.


Results on ASD, MSRA, ECSSD and PASCAL1500 datasets.


People involved

Veronica Vilaplana Associate Professor

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Related Publications

V. Vilaplana, Saliency Maps on Image Hierarchies, Signal Processing: Image Communication. Special Issue on Recent Advances in Saliency Models, Applications and Evaluations, vol. 38, pp. 84-99, 2015.