3D Telepresence

Resource Type Date
Demo 2017-04-25


A 3D scene is captured in real time with a set of RGBD sensors. The data from the multiple sensors is registered and fused in a single dynamic pointcloud, which is streamed onto a head mounted display (VR glasses, HTC vive). A remote user can virtually navigate in realtime immersed in the captured 3D scene, see the remote correspondent "as if she/he was there" and both can interact with shared real or virtual objects in the scene.

Project targets CAPTURE(register) - ANALYSIS(3D,RT) - TX(ROS) - DISPLAY(VR/interact)

  • M1 (DemoDAT): See your friends remotely in 3D... a virtual dragon joins them)
  • M2 (Escolab): replacement of reconstruction demo... with 3D processing
  • M3 (RT2HMD) : Telepresence @GPI seminars (25/4, 11h)

People involved