SCHEMA - Network of Excellence

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European May 2001 Apr 2005
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Josep R. Casas SCHEMA project page (CORDIS)


SCHEMA Network of Excellence in Content-Based Semantic Scene Analysis and Information Retrieval
 Ref.: EU IST 5th Framework Program, IST-2001-32795

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The aim of the SCHEMA Network of Excellence is to bring together a critical mass of industrial partners, end users, universities and research centres in order to improve the systematic exchange of information on Content-Based Semantic Scene Analysis & Information Retrieval.

The following new research topics, activities and standards will be investigated in the SCHEMA Network:

  • Access to the information using query structures that come naturally to human beings,
  • Retrieval processes which understand the nature of the information in the database,
  • Content-based multimedia analysis,
  • Copyright issues of multimedia,
  • New methods for multimedia access and delivery,
  • Semantic web technologies,
  • MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 standards,
  • User interfaces and human factors.


Casas J, Torres L. A region-based subband coding scheme. Signal Processing: Image Communication. 1997 ;10(1-3):173–200.