Data-driven, Itegrated, Synchromodal, Collaborative and Optimizesed urban freight metamodel for a new generation of urban logistics and planning with data sharing at European Living Labs

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European May 2023 May 2025
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Josep Ramon Morros DISCO


Call: HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-02

Project ID: 101103954


DISCO will develop and demonstrate - in real-life conditions - a federated European urban freight (UF) data space as one stop shop of data sharing on digital urban logistics solutions and smart tools for ambitious decision making. It will be a continental Ten-T – oriented and distributed real-life ecosystem to prove its value via demonstrated and replicable Use Cases (UCs), build upon innovation drivers to code concrete transformation of urban planning and land use by an open and collaborative UF Data Space with a smart governance model. The DISCO UF Data Space is voluntary based (incentivized), co-created and open framework to achieve a radical transformation and alliance in purpose-oriented data sharing, enabling smart access, fast and resource efficient acquisition, and focused provision, improving knowledge and capacity of city authorities and planners guaranteeing future data availability for dynamic (and predictive) integrated urban logistics planning, synchronizing real-time demand for transport & warehousing with logistics supply, (e.g., as Uber matches the demand for private car transport service with its road drivers’ fleet). DISCO will support European urban logistics players in reducing economic, societal and technical dependence from private digital platforms owned by large global providers, magnifying the scope of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) converging to data-driven Sustainable Urban Logistics Planning (SULPs), expanding them beyond traditional urban boundaries (e.g., rural areas, towns and suburbs, cities, and urban areas according to World Urbanization Prospects ) and beyond Covid-19, to optimally manage, monitor and dynamically predict city freight flows, changing urban nodes accessibility by properly serving Functional Urban Area - FUA on a larger, mixed-use, and flexible scale , and deliver advanced and well-informed planning and purpose oriented, optimised land use within a TEN-T and global dimension.

The DISCO project results will be demonstrated in several cities through Living-Labs. The partners involved in the Barcelona LL are:

  • UPC. Leader of the Living Lab. Definition of relevant indicators. Analyze sensor data. Cross-check with land use data. Provide recommendations about innovative curb operational management models (slot assignment models). 

  • CARNET. Assess last-mile logistics market in Barcelona. Scalability plan for the whole Barcelona Metropolitan Area. Field campaigns to check freight performance and the utilization of L/U zones during the exploitation of the Living Lab.

  • Barcelona City Council and B:SM. Definition of the Mobility policies, strategies and regulations. By means of the affiliated entity B:SM, they will provide the data gathered by SPRO app.

  • CITYLogin. Provision of commercial vehicle data, routes and insight from the logistics operator’s perspective. 

The UPC is represented by the Barcelona Innovative Transportation and the GPI@IDEAI research groups.