Mediapro-UPC Dataset

Resource Type Date
Dataset 2013-02-05


The Mediapro-UPC Dataset is a set of broadcast sequences for type of view classification in football images. 

This dataset is formed by 149,837 images from 5 different football matches with various camera positions. These matches were recorded from the 2009-2010 Spanish football league and they cover a large set of different views that are common in real broadcast football matches, such as replays and dynamic logos.

The dataset consists on:

  • Images from 5 different football matches.
  • A text file associated  with each sequence containing its annotation. Images of the sequences are related with rows of the file. Views are annotated as follows:
    • Close-up views -> 0
    • Long views -> 1
    • Zoom-in views -> 2
    • Transitions -> 4

Images associated with each match are available from the following links:






 The entire database can also be downloaded:



People involved

Ferran Marqués Professor
Jordi Pont-Tuset PhD Candidate
David Varas PhD Candidate