TPA videos

The Pencil Case The Pencil Case (2015T)
"The Pencil Case" - Stop-motion animation. A day in the office technique and the style so we did a clip using only colour pencils, paper, and a sharpener. supplies.
Adrià Romero (dir), Aleu Pons (scr, aed), Dan Mihai Badescu (cam), Francesc Pérez (scr, cam), Gerard Gumbau (ved)


twiceInLove Twice in love: the evolution of Music (2015T)
"Twice in love: the evolution of Music" - Kate, a young and extroverted Telecommunications student crosses paths with a shy exchange student from England named William, resulting into a one-sided love connection. After destiny keeps bringing them together in the most surprising ways, Kate will try to set up William with her best friend Rachel since she thinks they are a perfect match. Can you really fall in love twice in 24 hours when all you have is music in your heart? From the 10th century medieval chants to the most actual electronic beats, this musical brings the evolution of music filled with romance and heartbreak songs, dancing numbers and a tad of comedy.
Ann Barón (dir, perf, scr, ved), Albert Aparicio (prod, sound, aud), Arnau Bonet (cam, ved, mus), Mariona Carós (perf, scr, ved), Laura Mora (cam, scr, ved), Ferran Pérez (cam, ved, mus), Nacho Reimat (perf, aed)


Curt TPA curtTPA.mp4 (2015T)
"curtTPA.mp4" - A fake documentary ('mockumentary') portraying, in a comical way, the setbacks during the development of a group task. In this case, the recording for the TPA video project!
Enric Calabuig (dir, edt), Joaquín Luzón (scr, ass.dir), Cristian Cuadrado (scr), Oriol Bernal (tech), Fran Medina (tech), Eric Presas (edt, post)



ingeniHeroes ingeniHeroes (2015P)
"ingeniHeroes" - Story of a TelecomBCN student: 1. Motivated start. 2. In classroom? No way, go to the bar! In the Library? No, playing games! 3. Exam: what was I doing in the Library? 4. Lessons learnt: coffee, pens and drama in the labs. 5. Engineer, suit and toolbox.
Pol Delgado (dir), Carla Cortillas (prod), Martí Palau (perf), Daniel  Balcells (aud), Oriol Camacho (ed), Jennifer Valle (cam)


Vida paralela Vida paralela (2015P)
"Vida Paralela" - a social criticism to the need of feign a life not corresponding with reality, only to share it on social networks...
Victor Marcos (dir, ved), Judit Masana (prod, ved), Gonzalo Gómez (prod, aud, aed), Anna Martí (scr, cam, post), Arantxa Casanova (scr), Belen Luque (scripts, ved), Jonatan Poveda (scr, cam, sound, aed), Arantxa Casanova (scr, ved), Judit Masana (perf, aed)



La gran crítica social La Gran Crítica Social(2014T)

"La Gran Crítica Social" - Whatsapp and social networks: a relationship begins with ‘happn’, a new app for meeting people. How smartphones become an obsession.
Joan Carbó (dir), Alba Lujan (perf, lights), Damià Obrador (perf, cam), Joan Bennasar (cam, post), Daniel Villaplana (cam, log), Laura Triginer (music, post)

Gloop Gloop (2014T)
"Gloop" - Promo for a PAE app: a game for mobile devices called Gloop!
Pau Ballart (dir), Oriol Tobar (perf, aud), David Salgado (cam),  Ignasi Bernadas (cam, lights), Juan Luis Marí (log), Joan Pallarès (ed)


D5 D5 (2014T)
"D5" - Two students visiting the teacher for questions. They get caught in the second floor with a strange presence that will get them mad… but all was a dream, or was it not?
Pablo Pena (prod, cam), Marc Macià (prod, aud), Antoni Alonso (scr, cam, aed), Àlex Ulloa (perf, cam, ved), Jaime Espinola (perf), Elisabet Gutiérrez (prod, perf, aud), Josep R. Casas (perf), Elisabet Gutiérrez (aed)



Here Here (2014P)
"Here" - What if finding oneself was an ethernal task?
Borja Rosas (dir, scr), Juan Martin Valero (perf, scr), Willy Barleycorn (aud, cam, ed), Ignasi Mas (cam, light), Pedro Lladó (cam, pict), Fuad Mimoun (light, prod)

Ja és l'hora Ja és l'hora (2014P)
"Ja és l'hora" - Jana is in the party and one guy doesn’t take his eyes away from her. Wherever she looks, she sees him, even in the toilet. She takes a while to come back to the party and her boyfriend goes to find him...
Antea Herrera (dir, scr, cam), Núria Zoroa (prod, perf), Brenda Meza (perf, scr), Bet Bayó (scr, cam), Marc Tubau (perf, ed), Oriol Camacho (perf), Daniel Pizarro (perf), Oriol Perez (perf)

Wonder Cover Wall Wonder Cover Wall (2014P)
"Wonder Cover Wall" - Clip of Oasis Wonderwall song (with making-off)
Enrique Sañoso (dir, sing, bass, ved), Dani Mas (aud, aed, drums), Joan Ribera (vid, ved, chor), Carlos Ramos (scn, cam, chor, kboards), Artemi Casanovas (art, cam, guitar), Marc Moreno (scr, ved)


Un camí sense retorn Un camí sense retorn (2013T)
"Un camí sense retorn" - Firsthand story of teens and drugs… and the results. Thinking again how youngsters spend their time.
Jordi Sánchez (dir, ved), Andreu Girbau (adir, aed), Carlota Soler (prod, post), Xènia Salinas (aprod, cam), Àngels Ratés (scr, perf, post), Ferran Cabezas (perf, post), Xavier Mas (pict), Ton Badal (aud)


Teleco Anthem Teleco Anthem (2013T)
"Teleco Anthem" - Videoclip of the Anthem for BCNTelecom
Raul Alamo (dir), Eduard Rodriguez (aud), Anna Viader (prod), Martin Matilla (scn), Tobias Waurick (art), Marc Siquier (scr), Oriol Jauma (aed), Ricard Mestre (post), Andrea Calafell (post)


Save UPC Save UPC (2013P)
"Save UPC" - Descriu la situació socioeconòmica actual de la UPC, amb imatges del Campus, de les manifestacions i una entrevista amb un representant dels estudiants
Dir. Jordi Pons
Scripts: Arnau Julià
Audio: Jordi Pons, Arnau Julià
Cams: Sandra Montilla, Sebas Mosca
Documentation: Victor Montal


Campus Mort Campus Mort (2013P)
"Campus Mort" - They stayed up late studying, and when they tried to leave, they just couldn't...
Prod: Oscar Pluma
Dir: Alba Pujol
Scripts: Marc Juvillà
Cams: Alex Estévez, Alba Pujol, Laura Riera
Audio: Mar Juvillà, Pau Tur, Marc Juvillà
Actors: Aida Badosa, Oscar Pluma
Post: Alex Estévez, Marc Juvillà



Sound Solutions SoundSolutions (2012P)
"Sound Soultions" - Our system allows dinner with the girl (but a lot of work work to do!)
Prod: Miquel Expósito
Assist. Prod: Anna Carné
Line Prod: Francesc Riera
Staff: Aleix Colom, Jordi Pegueroles
Scheduling: Anna Carné, Biel Roig
Legal Affairs: Bernat Bas
Record Keeping: Miquel Expósito, Jordi Pons
Post-Production: Dèlia Fernández, Francesc Riera


EdiSo Technologies EdiSo Technologies (2012P)
"EdiSo Technologies" - Some engineers from the past are studying the acoustics of a room. Suddenly, a strange fact will change their way of working... forever ;)
Dir. Eduard Sanou
Audio: Pere Farrero, Albert Juan
Cameras: Marc Palau, Santi Pascual, Gabriel Reinés
Scripts: Alex Vallejo
Video: Marc Palau, David Coronado