Hackex+i - Smart Environments and Multi-modal Interaction Hackathon

Hackex I

The Fezoo team in partnership with Exipple Studio, organizes Hackex+iSmart Environments and Multi-modal Interaction Hackathon, in Barcelona, just before the MWC dates, with HCI challenges and interesting prices!

We encourage you to check the details and join the initiative in the hackathon site.

Ever wondered what would it be like to develop apps beyond web and mobile?
To create new ways of interacting with physical space and devices?
Join an event that will give you the chance to meet the right people and demonstrate your ideas to industry leaders.

Hackex+i challenges developpers and computer vision students to create prototypes of immersive experiences.

  • Prototypes will showcase the potential of computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies to solve actual problems for a selection of markets
  • The main technology used is Gestoos: a hardware agnostic software for human computer interaction and scene understanding
  • The demos and prototypes will be presented to a board of experts that will select the best project according to the practicality, business potential, usefulness, originality, creativity of presented ideas

Day 1 - Saturday 13th February 2016 @ Exipple Studio (map) // 10h - 14h 
Preliminary workshop: Introduction to Gestoos SDK to learn how to use the platform through practical examples. First opportunity to start sharing ideas...

Day 2 - Sunday 21st February 2016 @ BCD Barcelona Design Centre (map) // 10h - 20h 
The main Hackathon day will take place at The BCD Barcelona Design Centre, located in the Design Hub. At the end of this day the jury will decide on the winning concept and team.


  1. 4YFN ticket including Mobile World Congress
  2. Presentation of prototype at Exipple’s 4YFN stand
  3. Invitation to Exipple’s 4YFN After Party
  4. 1 Orbbec camera


  1. 2 Invitations to Exipple’s 4YFN After Party

 Hackex I

Computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies are enabling a new range of applications that will change our relationship with computing devices. To share their passion for this emerging field Exipple presents “Hackex-i” a unique opportunity to learn, collaborate and create solutions with their platform Gestoos, a hardware agnostic software for human computer interaction and scene understanding.

Find more information at: http://exipple.com/hackex-i-hackathon-2016/

Sign up at: http://www.meetup.com/IXDBarcelona/events/228058443/