GPI Seminar Series: Yannis Kalantidis

Yannis Kalantidis

Yannis Kalantidis, researcher at Facebook Menlo Park.
Informal overview about my latest research
Monday November 20th, 2017: 15h30, Room D5-007

You can check his publications on Google Scholar and find his short bio below:

Short Bio:
Yannis Kalantidis is a research scientist at Facebook Research in Menlo Park, California. He grew up in Athens, Greece and lived there till 2015, with brief breaks in Sweden, Catalonia and the United States. He got his PhD in November 2014 from the National Technical University of Athens in Greece under the supervision of Dr. Yannis Avrithis. He worked for two years at Yahoo Research in San Francisco, where he led the visual similarity search project at Flickr. He is currently conducting research and development on video and multi-modal representations, web-scale classification with noisy labels and modeling of vision and language.