GPI Seminar Series: Prof. Qing Xu (Jan.18, 2018)

Cristian Canton

Qing Xu, Professor at the School of CS, Tianjin University, China
Activities of Prof. Xu's group at Tianjin
Thursday January 18th, 10h30, Seminars room D5-007

In his talk, Prof. Qing Xu, will be presenting the activities of his group at Tianjin University in the areas of machine learning, motion trajectory calculation, analysis of big data, visual analysis, video/image filtering and reconstruction, Monte Carlo ray tracing and enhanced post-processing, as well as the virtual reality and visualization laboratory.

Short bio: Prof. Qing Xu obtained his Ph.D, in Computer Science in 2001 at Tianjin University and spent some time as a postdoc with the TEV Group at ITC (now FBK) in Trento and Torino (Polito and ISMB). He keeps regular collaboration with Prof. Mateu Sbert (Univ. Girona) and other groups in Europe