GPI Seminar Series: Pau Bellot, Mattia Bosio

Pau Bellot and Mattia Bosio: Genomic Signal Processing Review: Classification & Network inference
Wednesday November 21st+28th, at 15:00, Seminar Room D5-007

The aim of this seminar is to give a rough idea of what the are the goals and the current status of the project "GENSIPS - Aplicació de les eines de Tractament Digital del senyal al ànàlisi de les dades generades en l'estudi del cáncer". The signal processing tools are applied to the data generated in the study of cancer in order to understand the cellular genome and which are the mechanisms that generate cancer.

The main ideas of the two current lines of research will be explained in this seminar:

  • The first line of research is called "Analysis and sample classification of microarray data". Microarrays are often used for classification purposes because it allows the simultaneous measurement of thousands of gene expression values with a characteristic of sample scarcity. This research line will develop a system to find which genes helps to classify certain the different types of patients with a high reliability.
  • The second line of research is called "Identification of gene regulatory networks" and considers that genes work together in cascades and do not act for themselves in a biological system. The aim is to study and develop methods to infer the relationship of genes in a large-scale gene network topology where regulation is not known, and must be inferred from experimental data.