GPI Seminar Series: Konstantinos Moustakas

Konstantinos Moustakas, Haptic Interaction and Haptic Media
Monday June 3rd, at 11:00, Seminar Room D5-007

Haptic interaction is a very important and necessary channel for the inter-person communication and for the interaction of humans with their environment. While often underestimated, it is a fact that o possible loss of the sense of touch due to neurological disorders can result, among others, in walking and eating inability. The talk will focus on the use of haptics for the interaction with virtual and mixed reality environments. After analyzing some issues on haptic perception, several currently available haptic devices are introduced. Then, the most interesting methods for haptic interaction and rendering are outlined. Morever, a new information theoretic view of Haptic Interaction is  presented and grand challenges for future research are discussed.