GPI Seminar Series: Kevin McGuinness

Kevin McGuinness, Image Processing and Computer Vision Research at CLARITY/DCU
Friday May 31st at 12:00, and Friday 7th June at 15:00, Seminar Room D5-007

The talk will give an overview of some areas of active image processing and computer vision research at Dublin City University. I will cover three main topics:

1. Interactive segmentation research: I will describe the topic of segmentation evaluation and the challenges involved with evaluating interactive algorithms, and then present a framework that we have developed for evaluating such algorithms without needing user intervention. I will also describe our recent work on improving graph cut segmentation using contrast models.

2. Video surveillance research: CLARITY is currently collaborating with industry partners in trying to help them solve real-world video surveillance event detection problems. I will give an overview of this work and describe some of the unique problems that the particular company we are working with face, and present several algorithms that we developed as part of the research.

3. Multimedia information retrieval research: The AXES EU FP7 project aims to develop tools that provide various types of users with new engaging ways to interact with audiovisual libraries, helping them discover, browse, navigate, search, and enrich archives. I will give a broad overview of the project and describe some of the exciting research being carried out in on-the-fly visual concept and object detection, show some of the user interfaces being developed for navigating digital libraries, and describe some of the issues we discovered when exposing real users to advanced content based information retrieval systems