GPI Seminar Series: Cristian Canton (Dec.19, 2017)

Cristian Canton

Cristian Canton, Engineering Lead (ML for AR), Facebook, Personal page
Realtime person segmentation and identity preserving face hallucination
Tuesday December 19th, 11h, Seminars room D5-007


During this talk, I will cover two problems related to the domain of ML for AR at Facebook. First, how to run person segmentation at real-time on mobile devices and how this will bring the next level of reality in AR scenarios. For this problem, I will cover the DNN architectures and all the training process required to run a per-pixel segmentation plus some of the applications of this technology. The second problem to discuss will revolve around injecting an identity component into a GAN scheme to do in-painting of face elements (eyes, smiles, etc.), delivering photo-realistic and semantically compelling visual results.